Exemption Accreditation

The Institute of Accounting Technicians has exemption accreditation from the ACCA and CIMA for members who successfully complete the CIAT program only. Exemptions are NOT available to those who have obtained the CIAT designation under the examination waiver program.

What is exemption accreditation?

Through the exemption accreditation program, full IAT members can be granted exemptions if they satisfy the course and mark requirements for the ACCA and CIMA syllabus.

  • Exemptions are awarded at the discretion of the ACCA and CIMA

ACCA and CIMA will not award exemptions until:

  • You have registered as a student
  • They have received your educational transcripts and certificates

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What Exam exemptions can I get?

Full IAT members can get exemption for the following papers:

ACCA Papers Accredited Modules
F1 - Accounting in Business Economics for Business Plus Organisational Management & Information System
F2 - Management Accounting Accounting 2 (Managerial Accounting)
F3 - Financial Accounting Accounting 1 (Financial Accounting)
CIMA Papers Accredited Modules
C01 Fundamentals of Management Accounting Paper 02 : Accounting 2
C02 Fundamentals of Financial Accounting Paper 01 : Accounting 1
C03 Fundamentals of Business Mathematics Paper 03 : Economics for Business
C04 Fundamentals of Business Economics Paper 03 : Economics for Business
C05 Fundamentals of Ethics, Corporate Governance and Business Law Paper 05 : Corporate and Business Law