CIAT Certificate Program

IAT students represent a wide range of backgrounds; from school leavers to those already working in accounts but seeking a formal qualification. The course is available by distance learning worldwide.

Entry routes to IAT are:

School Leaving Certificate. Passes must be obtained in English and at least one subject from mathematics or accountancy. Certificates/Diplomas in accounting, management or business administration. Professional Qualifications or Degrees in any field.

Mature Students. Intending students over 21 years of age and experience rather than educational background.

The qualification consists of the following ten papers:

  • Paper 01 : Accounting I (Financial Accounting )
  • Paper 02 : Accounting 2 (Management Accounting)
  • Paper 03 : Economics for Business
  • Paper 04 : Organizational Management and Information Systems
  • Paper 05 : Corporate and Business Law
  • Paper 06 : Taxation (Personal and Corporate)
  • Paper 07 : Auditing
  • Paper 08 : Financial Analysis
  • Paper 09 : Advanced Financial Accounting
  • Paper 10 : Professional Applications (PA)


There is no restriction to the number of exams you may attempt, allowing you to chose to sit as many or as few papers as you like at each exam session. Papers can be taken in any order to suit your own career or study needs. There is no time limit for exam completion. The exams can be attempted twice a year in June and December.

Exam Centres

Paper-based exams are held twice a year in June and December and can be sat in any one of our exam centres worldwide. Also special examination centres are available.


Your previous qualifications may entitle you to exemptions from certain IAT examinations. This will ensure that your point of entry is the most suitable for your level of knowledge and skills and will prevent your repeating areas with which you are already familiar.