Join IAT


Becoming a member of IAT enables you to be part of a professional body that represents and supports excellence in all aspects of the accounting profession worldwide.

There are several ways to become a member:


Membership Grades

The IAT membership structure caters for different educational and professional needs. It is designed to allow you entry at an appropriate level, accurately reflecting your academic standards, vocational skills, experience and contribution to the accounting profession.

IAT offers three grades of membership, so you can choose the membership that�s right for you.


Type of Membership Full Membership Associate Fellowship
 Designatory Letters CIAT AIAT FIAT

The CIAT program needs to be successfully completed for full membership.



The Certified Financial Accounting program needs to successfuly completed for Associate Membership Members can apply for IAT Fellowship when they have been a member in good standing of IAT for two years or more.
Exemptions Exemptions can be granted if they satisfy the course and mark requirements for the ACCA and CIMA syllabus. N/A N/A