Certified Financial Accountant Certificate

The CFA - Certified Financial Accountant Certificate

The Certified Financial Accountant certificate can be earned through the rigorous exam, Diploma in Accounting and Finance.  This flexible, online course offered by our online course provider, Brentwood Open Learning College.  The diploma course is assignment based and is fully accredited from one of the largest UK's awarding bodies, NCFE.

Course Accreditation

Diploma in Accounting & Finance ( Level 4 )

This course has been accredited under the NCFE IIQ Licence and the course measurable learning outcomes have been benchmarked at Level 4 (using Ofqualâ��s Qualification and Credit Framework (QCF) level descriptors) to allow you to consider the depth of study, difficulty, and level of achievement involved.

NCFE accreditation gives assurance that the content of the course is of a high standard and meets the rigorous quality assurance requirements of a national awarding organisation.

Exam Structure

The course consists of the following key topics:

  • Introduction to Accounting (9 units)
  • The Role of An Accountant (9 units)
  • Accounting Concepts and Standards (4 units)
  • Journals and Subsidiary Books (8 units)
  • Profit and Loss Accounts (2 units)
  • Balance Sheet (4 units)
  • Cash Flow Statements (6 units)
  • Budgeting (5 units)
  • Variance Analysis ( 7 units)
  • Ratio Analysis (3 units)
  • Financial Management (6 units)
  • Management of Working Capital (9 units)
  • Investment Methods (4 units)


How to Apply for the CFA - Certified Financial Accountant Certificate

On successful completion of the Diploma in Accounting and Finance an application can be made to IAT for the issue of the Certified Financial Accountant certificate.

Please note that when applying for the CFA certificate copies of either transcripts or diploma must be included with your application.