Full Membership


Become a full member of IAT

Becoming a member of IAT enables you to be part of a professional body that represents and supports excellence in all aspects of the accounting profession worldwide.

Download and complete the Membership Application and return it to our administrative office at info@iatglobal.org.

Education/Professional Requirements

You can become a full  member – CIAT if you either:

  • have a professional accounting qualification
  • have an accounting / finance degree from a recognised university or
  • successful completion of the CIAT program.
About the Certified Accounting Technician®- CIAT - Program

The course consists of 13 modules and is entirely online, so you can study in your own time and at your own pace. All courses are accredited.

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You may be exempt from the examination for the CIAT Certificate iif you hold a relevant degree or qualification.

Step by Step Guide to CIAT Exemptions

1. Complete the Application form.

Once this form is completed you may apply for exemptions.

2. Send us your documents.

To confirm your eligability for exemptions you’ll need to send us copies of your highest level educational certificates and transcripts. Send your documents to the Administrator at info@iatglobal.org.

3. Exemptions

Exemptions are awarded at IAT's discretion.