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The Certificate in Forensic Accounting - Level 3 - is a intermediate-level introduction to forensic accounting,

Please note that when applying for the Associate Forensic Accounting certificate copies of either transcripts or diploma must be included with your application.

Certificate in Forensic
Accounting - Level 3


Key Topics


Online Financial

The course is 100% online and has been designed to provide candidates with an exciting and captivating introduction to the world of financial investigation and fraud detection. It is the role of the forensic accountant to examine, analyse and present critically important financial information in a concise, understandable and evidence-backed manner.

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The course consists of six modules and candidates are introduced to both the concept of forensic accounting and the skills required to join this highly respected industry. Course content begins by examining the subject of fraud in both modern and historical capacities, before moving onto the specifics of fraudsters, their activities and their impact on society.

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Online Financial Accounting is for students who are serious about a career in business or finance. The subject is at the core of nearly any business education, from a bachelor’s degree to an MBA, and applies to industries as diverse as healthcare, manufacturing and retail.

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