CPD Requirements

CPD Requirements

CPD applies to all members

CPD applies to all members, except those who are fully retired. You are required to undertake CPD on an ongoing basis and declare compliance annually to the Institute.

How much CPD should I do?

The Institute of Acounting Technicians allows members to decide how much CPD they wish to complete. There are not set hours or marks as a member you can complete as much CPD as you feel is required.

Keep a record of your CPD

It's important that you keep a record of your CPD activity in case you are requested to show evidence of compliance.

Exemption from CPD requirements

If you are fully retired, i.e. do not undertake any work, paid or unpaid, you may claim exemption annually. Your exemption status will remain in force for that year or until such time as your circumstances change. If, as a retired member, you are doing some work, albeit unpaid, CPD applies to you.