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Certified Accounting Technician ®

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Join our growing global community of management professionals. The Institute is dedicated to high ethical and professional standards and are committed to raising the profile of the management consultant profession. Discover more about IAT.

CIAT Online Course

Studying for the CIAT designation has never been easier. On successful completion of the Diploma in Accounting & Finance - Level 5 an application can be made to IAT for the issue of the Certified Accounting Technician - certificate.

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CFA Online Course

The Certified Financial Accountant certificate can be earned through the successful completion of the Diploma in Accounting and Finance. This flexible, online course offered by our online course provider, Brentwood Open Learning College.

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Becoming a member of the Institute of Accounting Technicians enables you to be part of a professional body that represents and supports excellence in all aspects of the accounting profession worldwide.

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Being and IAT member means that you are joining a worldwide community of accounting professionals looking upgrade their skills and ability

In addition to representing members' interest through advocacy, IAT helps individual develop their skills and provides tools and resources to facilitate career development. IAT also seeks to assist employers improve the productivity and cost effectiveness of Certified Accounting Technician ® employees, and contribute to enhancing the efficiency of the broader economic environment.

Our members are employed in all sectors of the economy and make a significant contribution to the efficiency of any business.

The CIAT Program

IAT offers an educational program leading to the designation of Certified Accounting Technician ® (CIAT) issued to qualified graduates.

Certificate Courses

All IAT certificate courses are 100% online and accredited by the QLS. Find out more about our courses.


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